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Going Green on your moving day

Moving creates a not-so-insignificant strain on the planet. It is essential for us to make our lives better but it comes at a price. Fortunately, you can make your move more friendly to our environment if you incorporate some of the more eco-friendly measures into your move. Going green on your moving day is all about limiting the influence your move will have on the planet.

Going Green on Your Moving Day – What Can We Do?

Reducing your carbon footprint in your move is all about planning ahead. You need to consider several things if you want to make your move as green as possible:

  • Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company
  • Be Mindful of Your Food
  • Use Packing Materials That You Already Have
  • Buy Used Packing Materials
  • Donate Items
  • Recycle
  • Limit The Amount of Driving

Hiring an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

Some of the reputable moving companies will have trucks that are using fuel that is less damaging to the planet. Make sure to ask the Benson movers representative on the type of fuel they are using for their trucks. This way you will ensure that there will be the least amount of pollution possible. These companies will, most of the time, be able to provide you with some used packing materials, which will further help you with going green on your moving day.

Be Mindful of Your Food

Best practice when it comes to food and moving is to use it all up before you move. This way there will be less packing materials required and less weight, which will, in turn, make the move greener. You can offer your movers to some appetizers too. If you can not possibly eat all of the food that you have, you might want to donate some to a charity. Throwing away food is a bad thing and we are all guilty of it, at times.

Going green is all about not creating unnecessary waste.

Use Packing Materials That You Already Have

You must have various containers lying around the house. Going green on your moving day means one thing: use all of them up before you start buying additional ones. Duffle bags, gym bags, totes, suitcases, plastic containers, etc. If you have them, use them!

Even with all those, you will most likely need additional space and that is alright. Just make sure that all of the containers that you have are full before you search for more.

This way, you will do your absolute best to minimize the impact these containers will have on the planet.

Buy Used Packing Materials

You’ve filled everything you have to brim and you still need more space. That is fine, it is usually like that! When considering which packing materials to purchase, used ones are the most green. If you get the new ones, you create a demand for them and, in turn, make more pollution. By utilizing used ones, you are making sure that no new packing materials are being made for your sake.

Your moving company is an excellent source for these materials but there are other ways you can get your hands on them. First and foremost, ask your friends and family if they have, or they know someone that does, packing materials that they are not using. Sites such as Freecycle and Craigslist sometimes have like-minded people donating their old boxes. You can also check local retail and grocery stores.

Bottom line is, there are many ways to get used materials so if you are serious about going green on your moving day, do not buy new ones unless absolutely necessary. 

Donate Items

There will be many items that you just cannot carry with you. Perhaps you can sell some but you can definitely donate everything that you do not need anymore, provided that it is in good condition. There are many charities around, such as Goodwill, that will gladly accept your items and send them towards a better purpose.

There will be items that you just need to throw away and that is fine. Donate and recycle what you can and that is good enough.


Best way to go green is to recycle everything that you can. There are numerous recycling centers and some may be close to you, without you even knowing. You can check the locations of such centers online, on sites such as recyclenow.com. For larger items, such as large TV’s, fridges and the like, you can appeal to your local council. They usually have a service that will come by your door and pick up such items and recycle them at an appropriate location. However, this is an actual service and may cost you a bit.

If you have the means, recycle everything, the planet will be grateful!

Limit The Amount Of Driving

One of the major issues with moving is that the vehicles that are doing the actual transport have to run on something. Even if it is the most eco-friendly fuel that they can use, it is still not good. But what can we do, those things have to be moved somehow? Well, what we can do is actually limit the amount of driving that will be involved. When moving, it is not uncommon to go on multiple trips between the new place and the old one.

Prepare your move so you don’t have to drive multiple times

With some good planning, you can minimize the number of trips. Just by being mindful of these trips, you will find ways to limit them to a reasonable number. Have your movers move all of your items in one go, if possible. If you are moving some items yourself, try to optimize the process so the least amount of trips are involved.

Going green on your moving day is all about preparation and planning. You should estimate your move with a company that cares about the environment. Then, if you have everything set in place before the moving day comes, you can rest assured that you did the right thing and that your move will be as green as possible!