Easy guide for tipping your movers

Do you want to reward your movers for a job well done? Are you satisfied with how they managed your relocation and your items? Then you should tip your movers with the amount of money you think they deserve. Here is a simple guide for tipping your movers! After reading this, you will know what to pay attention to and how high the tip should be!

Guide for tipping your movers – where to start

 A lot of people who asked their moving companies how much they should tip had a big range of money. So in the end, there is actually no clear answer to this question. But, there are factors you need to have in mind when tipping your movers. To begin with, you need to be satisfied with their job. But, there are also other things that influence the final decision, such as:

  • How good was their service? You can start with the basic things like did they arrive on time, how well they handled your belongings etc. This can be a very crucial part since most of the tipping is based on how well behaved and professional movers are.
  • The overall cost of relocation – Now, the overall cost of relocation depends on many factors. Some of them are, for example, if you asked for some special services. Like piano moving, packing, unpacking, etc. It all influences the final cost of relocation a lot, so have that in mind when asking for moving quotes Arizona before you move!
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How much you tip your movers depends on the overall cost of the move

  • How complex was your relocation? An easy guide for tipping your movers wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this. Is your former house huge? How far did you have to travel? How many workers did come to help you relocate etc? Also, there are issues with the number of items and how bulky they are. This is overall something that should tell you whether or not to tip your movers!

How big is their actual paycheck

Next stop in our guide for tipping your movers is answering the question, how much do they even earn? And, based on that, should you tip them? It all falls down to the city the movers are based in. The usual hourly rate goes from 13$ to 30$, with no tips included. If you think they are receiving less money than they should, then go ahead! Tip your movers! But, it depends on their experience and the above-mentioned factors. The environment they are working in plays a major role in this decision. If you are moving in extreme conditions such as heat, or heavy rain, then you should definitely leave a big tip! After all, they put themselves out on those conditions to help you relocate!

Money representing movers paycheck as an easy guide for tipping your movers

Easy guide for tipping your movers is to know their actual paycheck

You should have that in mind, now in the summer moving season. It can become hard to move in all that heat, and that is why they try to do their best. Think about it before relocating to Tucson AZ this summer!

Long distance moving – how much is a good tip

Long distance relocations are very tiring and not that easy. In this example, you should tip your movers based on the overall price of the move. Decide a certain percentage and pay them that. It is common knowledge that an average long distance relocation costs about $4,000. Knowing that you should probably tip them about 20% of the overall cost. But, as we mentioned before, tipping requires a lot of hard work and dedication from the mover’s side. When it comes to long distance moving, it can be really hard. Who do you tip? The movers who load your truck, or those who transport you there, or both? That should be left entirely to you!


As we said, long distance relocation can be expensive. So it is important to know the ways to find the most affordable moving rates! This can save you a lot of money you can later use to tip your movers.

Tipping local moving movers

Local relocations are easier! Again, depending on the items you are transporting. So, how much should you tip your local movers? It is based entirely on their services. The percentage approach to tipping local moving movers won’t work here. The best thing you can do is tip your movers around $5 per hour. This will not drain your budget and at the same time, you will leave them a good tip. After all, don’t forget the other factors that influence the moving tip! Your items, distance, any special services, and outside conditions. Have all of that in mind.

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Local movers can work in extreme conditions, tip them accordingly

One other way you can help your movers is making them quick snacks if you are moving on a hot day. Learn how to make quick snacks and drinks for your movers before they arrive. Trust us, they will be more than thankful for your help! The refreshing drinks and snacks can help them do far better work than you think. Because the heat can be exhausting, it is hard to carry big and heavy items without taking a break at all! Have that in mind now in the mid-summer moving season!

Our guide for tipping your movers should give you an overall idea on how much you should tip them. There are a bunch of factors that influence whether you should tip them or not. Starting with the distance traveled, and how well they did their job. We hope you can make an easy decision based on these facts! If you are frequent mover, tell us about your experience. How much did you tip your movers before? Leave a comment in the comment section down below!

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