Best places to meet new people after moving

One can say that friends hold great importance in people’s lives. With them, we pass both good and bad, we share the best memories and we are here for each other in difficult times. But what happens when it comes to moving and friendship is taking a test? Does moving to a new city also mean the end of the friendship? Usually, it doesn’t have to mean that. Not only that, but finding the best places to meet new people after moving can be quite easy too!

How to survive the moving day

Moving and settling into a new city is a difficult task. But for those first days, you need to have your Moving Day survival kit with you before you go out there and get to know your community. Meeting new people after moving is usually as hard as moving itself. You have to get out of your comfort zone and establish new connections and friendships. For people who are extrovert, this is not a challenge because they’re friendly and outgoing. But for people who are introverted and shy, it’s not easy to let new people into their lives. If you are one of those who need some tips and support about meeting new people after moving, this article will help you to face it and go into action. 

four people dancing

Making friends is a difficult task but embrace your new community and socialize!

According to psychological researches and answers given by people who were moving, we’ve created a short list of the most common ways and places you can meet new people after moving: 

  • The first place is reserved for parties. All kind of parties – a welcoming party, birthday party, every party! 
  • Sports activities and general outdoor activities. 
  • Walking a dog. 
  • Trying various smartphone applications and social media platforms. 
  • Volunteering in a new community. 
  • Going to local events and celebrations. 
  • And the last place is about random meetings on the street. 

Let’s take a look at some of the easy steps and interesting places to meet new people after moving! 

From where to start to meet new people after moving? Go to the bar! 

When you move to a new city, into a new environment, coffee shops, pubs, bars, and local restaurants are usually among the first places you’ll visit. What’s more, you can explore the best coffee shops in your environment because there will probably be your new neighbors. Whether you are sitting alone, ordering a coffee or just walking around, there is a high chance you’ll meet new people after moving. Just don’t be shy and reserved. If you see someone sitting alone at the table and reading a book or listening to some music you like, don’t hesitate to approach him/her and start a conversation about it. Who knows, maybe it’s your new best friend! 

two people socializing in a bar

Coffeeshops, pubs and local restaurants are the perfect places to start meeting new people.

Throw a welcoming party at your new place

Throwing a welcoming party at your new place is the number one and most common answer on „how to meet new people after moving“ according to studies. Think about making a party and inviting over your new neighbors. And even if you’re not a fan of big parties with alcohol and loud music, you can a barbecue. Food connects people! Even if you’re not good at cooking, a barbecue is something easy to make, and also people usually enjoy making barbecue together. They can bring their kids or pets also to play. You can talk about living in your new place. One barbecue weekend can make a lifetime friendship.

Use smartphone applications and social media

Are you shy and reserved when it’s about meeting new people? Do you have a fear of approaching? Well, you can try it online first! Besides social media platforms that the whole world is using, there are a lot of android/iOS applications today for meeting people around your area. Starting a real friendship on the Internet is a common thing today. Internet and applications for a meeting can facilitate new friendships and help you connect with people from your new environment. For example, if you’re moving in Arizona, you can use some app, set your location and interests (age, education, music, art, food) and it will show you people similar to you living near your home. If you’re interested to connect with people you want and start a conversation! 

user your smart phone to meet new people after moving

Mobile applications are the most common way to meet new people in your new environment today.

Buy a dog

A dog is a man’s best friend. But a dog can make you more best friends! Buying a pet, especially a dog is a great way to meet new people after moving. This is because people usually adore animals. Even if you don’t have a dog, you must have seen random people approaching other people they don’t know just to pet their dog on the street. That’s how a lot of friends meet. And when it comes to friends make sure your furry pal meets some new friends in pet-friendly neighborhoods in Tucson, AR. This can also be a great way to make some friends yourself!

After moving to a new home, people often feel lonely and depressed. However, pets are the best way to get rid of anxiety and depression. So, consider buying a dog. Dogs are known as ice breakers when it comes to meeting new people. With them, you won’t feel awkward. When awkward silence is coming, you can always talk about your dog and pets in general. If some of your neighbors have a dog, you can ask them for advice – where to adopt one. In other words, your new neighbors will have a good opinion of you and will be interested in helping you to find a new furry friend. Moreso, you can walk them together and make even better friends this way.

Volunteer in your new community – a great way to meet new people after moving

Taking care of your community and new environment may be a double win for you. Volunteering in your new community is a great way to do something good and meet new people who share the same values and interests as you. Then, spend time together with new people and be open to new friendships. If you’re about to move and you want to volunteer and meet new people you may have not enough time to relocate all your things. Moreso, to move without stress and with ease, Movers Marana AZ will be there to help you think about building a friendship and not being obsessed with moving your stuff. 

meet new people after moving to your new community

Throwing a welcoming party and making a barbecue at your place is an ideal opportunity to invite over your new neighbors and meet new people after moving.

Stay open to local events to meet new people after moving 

Finally, local events are a great opportunity to meet new people after moving. There are various celebrations, fast food festivals, music concerts are things connecting people. Try to be more outgoing and discover local events you may like. We are sure you’ll meet your neighbors there, and also potential friends who like the same things as you. 

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