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Best Arizona towns to celebrate Christmas

Snowing and Mariah Carrey in the background. That’s how most of us imagine Christmas. Celebrating the holiday with our families, the loved ones. Did you think about going on a trip this Christmas? Why not discover the best Arizona towns to celebrate Christmas? Besides the snow, you can taste new homemade dishes in 10 happiest places in Arizona. Arizona offers a lot for Christmas. You can find a quiet, small town or more urban environment with eccentric decorations. You just need to find the option that fits you best.

Below, you will find several towns in Arizona where you can find that Christmas vibe. You might love it so much that you’ll want to move to Arizona. Let’s start.

Make a list of best Arizona towns to celebrate Christmas

Before making a decision, you need to know what you would like to do for Christmas. If you make a list of all the things that you would like to do, it will be easier to make a decision. Of course, the money that you would like to spend plays a huge role. So, write down what you would like to do, for yourself and your family as well. If you’ll spend Christmas with your family, think about them as well. The holiday is not only about you, so be mindful if your family wants to go out or do something different in the Valentine State. Be sure to start googling on time and making a decision on time. Otherwise, you won’t find good availability for that wonderful hotel. The ski resort will be full.

How many days would you spend in Arizona?

There is something that can help you even more to make a decision, the internet. You may visit Arizona’s office of tourism website. If you are still choosing between 2 or 3 towns, you can find Arizona Visitor’s guide. After all, you can even visit several towns. Make a good plan and take enough time to take pictures of various gems in Arizona. That’s why you need to choose the dates and the days when you want to enjoy Arizona.

Start with Phoenix, continue with Sedonatake more pictures in Flagstaff and don’t forget about Prescott. Each and every one of these cities has different tourist attractions. Festivals and events are something that you should have in mind when making a decision on the best Arizona town to celebrate Christmas.

Best Arizona towns to celebrate Christmas-Phoenix

The capital of Arizona has several events that you can attend. Festival of Trees is an event where a lot of Christmas trees are being decorated with a Christmas vibe. It is close to Fashion Square Mall where you can rest and buy some of those Christmas giftsVisit the Electric Light Parade where most of the families gather to enjoy festive occasion.  As every year, the big ice rink will be installed in the city center where you can have fun. Don’t get surprised if you encounter some different events in small areas of the city. The whole city gets electrified with Christmas spirit. If you want to be fully in the mood, check out the Ballet Arizona and the Nutcracker act. Then you can continue to the concert and see Phoenix Symphony in action. You can make your own list of best things to do in Phoenix.

Buy some gifts for your loved ones

15-20 miles from Phoenix you can find Mesa. The Main Street will be covered with decorative lights. And there’s the Mesa Arizona Temple. In this Temple, every Christmas one can find a lot of concerts. This city is the third largest city in Arizona and almost half of million people live in Mesa. After you fall in love in Mesa, you will think about moving to Mesa. The prices in restaurants are affordable and people are nice. The city has a similar vibe as Phoenix. If you prefer this type of cities, you can book your whole stay there and hang out with the people of Mesa. The city has great educational opportunities. If you have friends here, it’s a great opportunity to catch up.

Sedona is one of the best Arizona towns to celebrate Christmas

Why Sedona? Because Sedona offers a great set of outdoor activities. If you can’t imagine Christmas without being active, Sedona is a place for you. There are numerous mountain trails that you can use and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. You can rent a cottage and enjoy the peace. When you think you had enough of solitude, start mingling. At Posse Grounds Parks you will find fun. Every 10 minutes, the trees dance bringing the Christmas spirit. And on Hillside Holiday Saturdays you can taste Christmas cookies and buy some wine. The Nutcracker performance and the Santa appearance are mandatory. After you’ve completed with Sedona, you can check the best things to do in Scottsdale.

Don’t forget to visit the annual Christmas at the princess event, among others.

Enjoy every moment that you have

There are many reasons why you should move to Glendale. One of them is the Christmas spirit that’s spread around the city in December. The decorations and Christmas music put the families together. Kids can even decorate the local Christmas tree at the Holiday Open House. Hometown Christmas Parade is an event that brings joy to everyone’s faces. There are more than a million lights during this parade and hot air balloons. Glendale is also an excellent choice of the best Arizona towns to celebrate Christmas, it’s 20 minutes away from Phoenix. So, prepare well your plan about spending Christmas in Arizona and you won’t regret it. Have fun!