Best Arizona Cities to Visit This Spring

For us, planning a vacation is just as fun as going on one! Especially if you plan to visit multiple places this spring. But, if you planned a road trip through Arizona, you are probably wondering what are the best Arizona cities to visit this spring? Well, we thought about it as well, and figure out a small list of places you can visit and enjoy. Here you can find places that are fun for both individuals and families as well. Read on, enjoy and plan your spring vacation with ease!

Phoenix is among the best Arizona cities to visit this spring

This lovely city is located in central Arizona. Deep within the Valley of the Sun, and it offers a lot of entertainment and other spring break activities. You can visit the Art Museum and witness the big collection of art. Arizona Science Center is always open for guests and it offers an amazing display, as well as multimedia presentations on certain fields of knowledge.

You must visit the Phoenix Zoo, with the animal species that come from all over the world. Next stop on your Phoenix visit should be the Desert Botanical Garden. This place holds one of the biggest collection of desert plants in the world. With a bunch of shopping malls, art galleries, theatres, clubs, etc. Phoenix Arizona offers entertainment for people of any age. So come on down, visit Phoenix this spring and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

A blue bird

The Phoenix zoo is what makes this city on our list of best Arizona cities to visit this spring

While passing Phoenix, you can visit Glendale! This place is small but awesome! Maybe you might find it appealing and find some reasons to move to Glendale for good!

Kingman is one of the best Arizona cities to visit this spring

Kingman City has the nickname as the Heart of the Route 66. It is located on the west side of Arizona. Just near the border with Nevada. Powerhouse Visitor Center is one of the first tourist stops made when people arrive at this city. You can also visit The Mohave Museum of History and Arts. They will give you a thorough look at the northwestern Arizona native Americans.

Also, it will introduce you to the activities they did such as ranching, mining and railroad history. Their fascinating tours to the western town of Oatman will leave you speechless. It is because the Oatman is looking so much like Hollywood western towns. After you are done with the activities you can buy a souvenir at a Beale Street Antique Row. As with every town that lives from tourism, Kingman also offers an abundance of restaurants and cafes you can visit. This is why it is on the list of the best Arizona cities to visit this spring.

A sign saying route 66

Kingman is the Heart of the Route 66

Your next stop should be Pima County! And visiting the great Green Valley! This place lures more than just tourists because people move here to live! So, if you intend to move here, you won’t make a mistake about it! All you need are movers Green Valley AZ and you can be on your way to a better life.


Located in the extreme part of southwest Arizona, it is near the borders of Mexico and California. You can expect a warm spring climate because the Colorado River is close and it is perfect for outdoors recreations and activities. The best thing you can do for yourself is to rent a bike at the Quartermaster Depot. Use it to explore this wonderful city and enjoy a healthy activity. You can also rent an ATV and drive it along the paths of the Colorado River bank.

Yuma is also famous for its golf courses such as Desert Hills Golf Course and Mesa Del Sol Golf Course. After you are done with this, you can visit the Arizona Marketplace and shop for collectibles, jewelry, antiques and any other things that are currently on sale there. Finish your day by visiting some of the neat restaurants and try out the food!

Image of Yuma nature that makes it one of best Arizona cities to visit this spring

Don’t forget to enjoy nature in Yuma

It is good to know that Yuma is not that expensive! Meaning you can save money for other things such as outdoor activities, or even for something like relocating when you are done with vacation. It is good to know how to handle a relocation on a budget and have more money in your pocket!


Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona. It is a part of Greater Phoenix, founded by Mormons in the late 1800’s, Mesa is filled with interesting museums, which puts it on our list of best Arizona cities to visit this spring. The fabulous natural history museum and youth museum are perfect for a good visit and enjoyment. The Mesa Arts Center is home to many art galleries and theaters. And if you are tired of visiting art places, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, swimming or hiking.

The most preferred activity is hiking in the nearby Tonto National Forests. This is one of the largest forests in the States. Mesa offers a lot of sightseeing and it would be a shame if you miss something because you didn’t know how to make good vacation photos.

A man kayaking

Enjoy kayaking in Mesa


Sedona is famous for the red sandstone formations! They are all around the city, and one of them is Cathedral Rock. This city is a very delightful place to visit, and it owes it all to the fascinating scenery. You can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like hiking and biking, swimming and camping. During the summer, Sedona is very busy. So it wouldn’t be a good idea to visit it at that time of year. The Spring is perfect because there are not that many tourists and you can enjoy it all to the fullest!

With the abundance of restaurants, art galleries, theaters, dinners, and coffee shops, you can enjoy them all. If you are not a fan of outdoor activities, then treat yourself with the shopping spree in the local shopping mall or market place. There are a lot of things to do in Sedona regardless of your taste. You won’t make a mistake if you visit this city this spring! These are all the reasons why Sedona is on the list of happiest cities in Arizona!

 There are a lot of cities that didn’t make it on our list of best Arizona cities to visit this spring. Simply because there are just too many of them that we simply couldn’t put them all in here. But all these cities that made on our list will surely suit your appetite for a good spring vacation.

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