Benefits of moving to Tucson, AZ

Thinking of Moving to Tucson, AZ? Not sure which city is the best for you and your family to settle down? Do you like nice sunny days, beautiful nature around, mountains? Maybe Tucson is the place for you! If you haven’t decided yet and you do want to know more about this city, we will try to help.

Tucson is a city located in southeastern Arizona. Has around half a million citizens. The desert climate makes it a tourist resort but also a nice place to live and also enjoy your life with your family.

Why should you consider moving to Tucson, AZ?

Cheap cost of living

Life is really comfortable and affordable here, even though it’s not a small city and it has half of a million citizens, you will feel like you are living in a small city when it comes to prices and things that you need for a living. That is one of the most important reasons why you should consider moving to Tucson, AZ, low costs. Groceries, daily expenses, and gas (transportation) are cheaper than in major or bigger cities, although, salaries are a little bit lower too. So get your packing supplies in Arizona ready and head on over!


We have 86 public elementary, middle and high schools. Also, 66 private schools. Thirteen high schools are recognized on U.S. News & World Report’s Best High Schools rankings. Also, we have two universities/colleges recognized on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges rankings. Therefore, you can be sure your children will get a good education.

One of the greatest benefits of moving to Tucson AZ are the schools. The system here only allows for the best.

We all deserve the best schools. They shape us into people that we want to be.

Availability of fresh food and Produce

Since it’s positioned close to the border of Mexico (only 90 miles) and very close to California, Tucson is at the really good spot to get fresh food almost all the time. Some people love seafood and in Tucson, you will be able to find it fresh, almost all the time! And let’s not forget about the University of Arizona that produces a very good quality of beef which you can get all the time. Same goes for the fruit and vegetables, you can always find fresh ones here!

Latino population

You can often see Latino people here too because 38% of the population actually is Latino. If you like hot, spicy Mexican food then this is the place for you! Considering that in Tucson a lot of population are Mexican, you can expect a very good quality of Mexican food. Except for Latinos, you can meet a lot of native Americans. Also, the Tucson community is really helpful and caring


Can be really hot with really high temperatures, even around 100 Fahrenheit. It’s a good place for you if you like to be out on the sun all the time and not a big fan of the snow. However, if you’ve never experienced monsoons before, Tucson is the right place to be in July and August. Unlike the rest of the USA, Tucson is also free of the natural disasters. There were some cases of them, but they are really really rare. No earthquakes, hurricanes. tornados and flood you should be worried about.

If you like sun, Tucson is THE place for you. No bad weather, just a lot of sun. Sun afficionados rejoice!

Always Sunny in Tucson, you will enjoy the views!

Desert and climate

Climate is wonderful, even though it’s a desert. No humidity even during winter or spring can be really beneficial for people who suffer from asthma, different types of allergies or arthritis.

Outdoors and indoors activities

There are a lot of different activities people can do in Tucson. If you like to ski, north of Tucson,  there is Mount Lemmon, place where people like to go and ski during the winter. If you would like to go hiking, from the east and west there are two halves of the Saguaro National Park. You can enjoy golfing, ballgames, tennis and many many more.

For those who would like to spend more time indoors, you can visit a lot of malls, movie theatres, galleries. For those who like good food, visit some of the Mexican restaurants with authentic dishes. However, if you like to risk and gamble, don’t worry, south of central Tucson on Native American land, you can find casinos also.

Disneyland, Grand Canyon

You don’t like to live in a crowded place but still want to be able to take your family for a short trip or vacation any time you want? Yes! Moving to Tucson, AZ is again a good choice for you! Only 8 hours from away from Tucson there’s the place kids loves to visit, Disneyland! Or if you would like to go and spend a day with your friend, and enjoy the beauty of nature, you can always visit Grand Canyon, it’s just a few hours away.

And no matter that desert is all around if you’d rather like to spend time in the forest, you can do that too. Just four hours driving up north will take you to the place called Flagstaff. Refreshing smell of pine trees and greenery.

You are 8 hours drive from one of the most fun theme parks ever made. Greatest benefit of Moving to Tucson, AZ for sure!

Disneyland is “Just around the corner”. Perfect trip for the whole family!

Tucson Festival books and Largest Gem Show

If you like to read and you are a bookworm you will love Tucson, 4th largest book festival in the country. You may be able to meet some of your favorite authors at the festival. Besides that, you can visit the Tucson Bookman chain of local stores where you can find a lot of books you would love!

Also, for those who love jewelry or work with it, Tucson is a perfect place once again! Tucson has the largest, oldest and greatest gem show festival in the world. The most prestigious gems and minerals you can see and find there. You can visit the gem show festival in the second half of January and the first half of February.

At the end of the day, you can also enjoy a glass of a nice wine that you can purchase in any store around you.

We are glad if we were of any help! Hopefully, you will realize that moving to Tucson, AZ is a perfect choice for you. If you are looking for experienced movers in Tucson, there are none better than Tucson Elite Movers.

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