About Us

Our Mission is simple: to provide our customers with transparent & competitive pricing, unparalleled service, superior protection, and TOTAL satisfaction.


Moving is stressful.

The last thing you need is a bunch of disgruntled movers frowny-facing you on your job all day. Our main ingredient for a successful move is happy movers. We go above and beyond to make our Tucson movers the best in the business by offering top pay, manageable work schedules, and Sundays off – to name a few things.


Our crews go through a rigorous training/probation period.

We all know that what you see on an application is one thing, and what you see in the field is another thing, entirely. Our veteran crews actively participate in the selection process by running candidates through the gauntlet, so to speak.

An Experienced crew knows that HYDRATION is one of the most critical elements of an efficient move.

If your moving crew is there to take care of business you’ll know by the water they carry.


Crew-leaders always push the pace on any job involving stairs, great walking distance, or other challenging aspects. Here’s what we know: when the technical elements of the job come naturally, the byproduct is a noticeable  increase in EFFICIENCY.


All crew members must be versed in handling random challenges, problem solving, and controlling the general atmosphere (keeping everybody happy and healthy). We require these skills to be present from day one, so that we can maintain our Elite Status.

Jim Boer

CEO/GM/Elite Mover

Moving is my PASSION! To me its simply natural. I remain in the field because I LOVE IT! With all the horror stories that are out there it makes me EXTREMELY PROUD to be the owner of a company that continually puts out HUGE RATINGS. My Dad has been a LANDSTAR RANGER for over 35 years, and is still clocking miles. One might say it was my destiny to be involved with Trucking in some way. I must tell you that I chose the right sub-industry to be involved in because nothing brings a challenge like moving. I must also tell you that I feel very lucky to have the crew that I have in place. These guys are family men like myself (and family women–like my Wife/Office Manager), and they are GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO!

My Crew-Leaders have the presence of mind to react seamlessly in the field. They wouldn’t hesitate to call me on a job they really needed help with, knowing that if we don’t get the shipper out in time it could cause problems like: interruptions in the closing process (your buyer backs out because the home is not vacated, etc). My Crew-Leaders are second to none. They sniff out problems and operate with grace. I can’t say enough about ’em.

We are all very proud, and can’t wait to welcome you to our family.

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