A brief guide on surviving the Arizona heat

The very first thing that comes into our mind when we daydream about summer is the summer holiday! But what happens when you choose the hottest season of the year to move to Green Valley or Tucson? It makes the moving far more difficult given the high temperatures, baking hot days, low air humidity and sweating. Summer in Arizona is very hot which causes problems for people who can’t stand the heat. Surviving the Arizona heat is thus a challenge. Pondering the summertime relocation ins and outs and diverse moving services is a good way to do due diligence. Also, do not forget light clothes, hydrating repeatedly and spending time in the shade as much as you can. This is how to get ready in time for summer and enjoy your vacation or your move!

Surviving the Arizona heat is easier if you stay hydrated

Naturally, a physical activity drains a lot of water from our bodies. Combined with the summer heat, it makes a very bad pair that leads into dehydration, exhaustion and other serious health issues. So, what you need to do when you think about surviving the Arizona heat is to always stay hydrated. You can easily do this by drinking at least 2l – 3l of water every day. Furthermore, you can even reuse old plastic bottles. If your job, or any other duty, requires you to leave your home, don’t do it without a bottle of water or two. It doesn’t matter what kind of bottle it is, what matters is that you have it on hand all the time.

Bottled water used for surviving the Arizona heat

For a successful Surviving the Arizona heat, always stay hydrated

A useful trick you may benefit from is obtaining a few bottles and freezing the water inside them. That way you will have icy cold water whenever you leave the house. This is especially important if you are moving to Tucson AZ on a hot summer day. Not only does the heat drain the water from our organism, but it also wastes our energy. And while packing and preparing for the relocation, anything can happen. To avoid those issues you should drink water regularly!

Water bottles and cooling fans 

This is another trick you can use to adapt to the Arizona heat! If you do not own an AC unit, but a simple cooling fan, put a bottle of frozen water in front of it. That way, the constant flow of air will go over the icy bottle which will get the air cool enough. Remember, this is only a temporary solution or a first-aid kit.

Image of ice

Put bottles with frozen water in front of the fan

AC units

One of the best tools to fight the Arizona heat is AC units. They are perfect for keeping the house nice and cold. Although older models can use more electricity, the new ones are more consumer-friendly. Even though they use less electricity, they are equally important. Remember, there are pros and cons of AC units as well. Although they keep the place cool, you are ill-advised to set an extremely low temperature. If there is a big temperature discrepancy inside your house and outdoors,  you may end up having a sunstroke from the sudden heat wave and the shock your body is facing. The perfect temperature should be at least 10 degrees Celsius lower than the outside temperature.

an air condition

An AC unit is the best solution for Arizona heat

Do not make a big difference between the in-house temperature and the outside heat. This is important when you are preparing for relocation. This is equally important as staying hydrated. So, make sure you have a good setting when you are preparing to move and looking for movers Green Valley AZ.

Protect your body from the heat

A good rule of thumb is to always wear comfortable and thin clothes. This comes in handy if the temperature is very high. Also, keep applying sunscreen on your face and the parts of your body that are exposed directly to the sun. Sunburns can trigger serious health problems based on how sensitive your skin is. Do not take your chances with skin cancer! Additionally, wear long-sleeved shirts, hats, and sunglasses! They will provide you with extra protection against the harmful rays. There are a lot of different ways to protect yourself from the heat you should be familiar with. Surviving the Arizona heat has just become easier, hasn’t it?

Man holding a camera

Wear shirts with long sleeves to protect yourself from the sun

Keep your car in the shade

The outside temperature may be high, but it can be tolerable nonetheless. The problem occurs when we live in a city filled with concrete. It gets very hot during the day which influences heavily the car temperature. If possible, keep the car in the garage during the hot day. In case you need it fast, you will have to wait for it to cool down in order to use it.

A in image of a car

Remember to keep your car in the shade

Finish your work early in the morning or in the evening

This is very important to remember because no one will advise you to do otherwise. The hottest part of the day is from 12 to 17 pm. Unless it is absolutely necessary, never leave the house during this period. One of the best ways of surviving the Arizona heat is to follow this tip thoroughly. Finish up all your chores in these hours, and spend the rest in the comfort of your home. This is one of the tips on adapting to a different climate you should follow!

Woman stretching in the morning

Mornings and evenings are much cooler

Take care of your pets 

Surviving the Arizona heat is not simple for humans, let alone our pets. They may have some issues with harsh weather. It’s vital to provide them with fresh water as well with enough shade and fresh air. Take them out early in the morning, or in the evening when the Sun goes down. Let them lie in a cold area such as tiles.

To sum up

When it comes to surviving the Arizona heat, these are the ideas on how to do it! High temperatures are one of the main causes of illnesses, so it is wise to be prepared! Better safe than sorry. Therefore, do not forget to keep yourself hydrated every now and then. Also, look for the shade. When indoors, turn the AC on, but be wary of the temperature. Do not opt for too low temperature because it can be detrimental to your health. Moreover, do not heat into a car immediately. Wait for a few minutes for it to cool off.

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